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Thanks to years of experience in the transformation of organisations, and people, I have developed a sense which levers must be turned to bring about change. I regularly share my transformation insights on my blog.

If you need support in your business transformation, feel free to drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you many new insights while reading my blogs.

Time for change !

Prepare for the digital business transformation

What digital business transformation does and how it succeeds

What digital transformation does and how to make it sustainable is the subject of this blog. Prepare yourself for digital business transformation with this article.

courage to change trough a business transformation

Why the courage to change is crucial for your business transformation

No future without change. Every company has to face change from time to time. But this step requires courage and openness. Find out why this is so important and how you can manage to motivate yourself and your employees in this blog article.

When a business transformation brings about change

When a business transformation becomes necessary

There is a point at which a business transformation becomes necessary. But when is this point reached? And what are the reasons for a business transformation? In this blog article, I will answer these questions and more.

business transformation with jörg a. boder

Five benefits and three challenges of a business transformation

Do you want to secure your company for the future? Read here more about the benefits and challenges that await you during a business transformation. One thing is clear: a big change, needs clear goals, plans and a well-documented implementation to succeed.

this is how you make a good first impression

Crisis or emergency – a great opportunity in the long-term thanks to crisis management

Do you already see a crisis or emergency as an opportunity for your business growth? Thanks to effective crisis management, you will quickly find solutions – for the current crisis, but also for long-term, seemingly unsolvable problems. Find out now how to succeed.

this is how you make a good first impression

First impression: How to gain the trust of potential customers and business partners

Want to know what to look for to make a positive first impression? Whether with a potential customer or business partner – the first impression counts. In this blog, I’ll give them valuable tips that will help you stay in the memory.

Leadership skills: 5 practical tips for (mentally) strong managers

In this blog, I’ll show you what makes a strong leader and how to successfully lead your company through any crisis or change.

Transforming companies – with a focus on employees you will succeed

Employees are the fuel of your company’s engine. Learn in this blog how to involve your employees – including Generation Z – in your business transformation so that it is crowned with success.

11 questions and 3 levers for your successful business transformation

Everyone wants a successful business transformation. But what causes business transformations to fail and what can you do to make yours successful? In my blog you will learn which questions and levers will lead your business transformation to success.

Successful Business Transformation – a new look at the 5 Ps

In this and future blogs, discover concepts, approaches, ways of thinking that have worked well for me accompanying organizations, leadership teams and individuals on their transformation journey….

Companies in transition – How Covid19 changed the business culture

Covid19 changed the corporate culture overnight. Flexible and agile working became the new normal. In this blog, I show you what you can learn from the pandemic and how you can strengthen your company for the future.

Six bad moves managers make to disengage their valuable employees

Often we hear managers complain about losing their best people. I don’t blame them. Turnover is costly and disruptive. Gallup stated a long time ago that “people don’t leave jobs; they leave managers.”…

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