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Company transformation in the current context succeeds when you put your employees first and inspire them with the company’s purpose. The current challenges are greater than ever. It is therefore all the more important to do everything possible now to ensure that your and your employees are pulling in the same direction.


The global context and its impact on your business

The global context is having a negative, even destructive, impact on everyday professional and private life. The world is confronted with numerous and urgent problems: geopolitical tensions, health crisis, social problems, environmental crisis, economic crisis.

The entire company and all managers and employees are currently facing major challenges. Challenges that burden and affect everyone individually. This has an inevitably affect your company. Therefore, it is essential that you look for solutions together and to implement them in a shared effort. This is the only way your company will win, despite any difficult starting position.


Transforming your company – that’s why you need a new leadership approach

Outdated practices are for the garbage can. Leaders with that approach will not achieve excellent results. If you want to transform your business, now is the time to wake up and move forward with a new leadership approach. To do this, remind yourself, that your employees are and will remain your company’s most important asset. A wave of layoffs will not move you forward at all, on the contrary. You need to address the needs of your employees if you want your business to continue to thrive in the future. Don’t assume you know exactly what your employees need.

Take a close look. What are your employees’ intrinsic needs and values? What makes your company organization tick? Are the work processes still up to date or do they need new requirements? This also raises the question of what this looks like in times of digitalization and whether your company is ready for it. Therefore, tap into the concentrated power of skills, ideas, imagination and energy of your entire workforce. Because your employees are the key factor in solving the problems you face. You need to integrate and involve them. Such that they identify with their work and do everything in their power to ensure that the company has a successful future.


Think beyond the boardroom

You will not solve the tasks at hand alone in the boardroom. Only together with your employees involved in the solution will you manage to cope with problems that have never been encountered before.

This is how you will transform your business:

  • Share the responsibility, no one can do this alone, it is time to Delegate tasks efficiently.
  • Encourage your leaders to be radically honest. We are all vulnerable and that is okay. Contemporary leaders share their challenges with their employees, thereby encouraging them to be honest about their challenges.
  • Emphasize the team aspect, creating a whole new dynamic. Think long term and stay authentic, that’s what employees are looking for – especially Generation Z, with whom we now have the privilege of shaping the future.

When each of your employees is encouraged to realize his or her full potential, your company is sitting on a gold mine. In this way, you will jointly master the challenges ahead and strengthen your company for the future.


How to motivate your employees and give them enough space

Say goodbye once and for all to the old way of thinking about leadership. Let your employees become the best version of themselves. Even if this means that they outperform your managers. Such employees are the fuel of your company’s engine. Give your employees a safe space where they can develop themselves and thus your company. Because successful personnel and organizational development always takes place synchronously.

Encourage employees who like to take responsibility and make decisions. Those who work well under pressure and do not perceive this as a burden. You should recognize these employees and find ways to help them reach their full potential. Aim transforming your company and equipping it for the future.


How to engage Generation Z

In the past, the role of the leader was to share knowledge and judge right from wrong. Today, leaders must accept and acknowledge that employees sometimes know more than they do. It is therefore essential that the leaders in your company act on an equal footing, are willing to continuously learn, and regularly challenge their own views critically. They must stay open to feedback from employees and actively ask for counter-opinions. Only in this way will you be and remain attractive as an employer for today’s generation.

Generation Z in particular challenges companies more than ever before. They live in a digital world and are confronted with an incredible number of possibilities every day. As a result, they find it difficult to make decisions. Especially long-term ones. Because there are too many options, offers and too little time to deal with them in peace. Generation Z is under a lot of pressure to perform, because they are constantly comparing themselves with others through the online world and are constantly confronted with even more successful people. In addition, this generation is very non-committal – even when it comes to jobs. As soon as something better comes around the corner, they hand in their notice.

As a result, companies are increasingly under pressure. They have to design the workplace in such a way that employees who belong to Generation Z remain loyal to the company in the long term. This can only be achieved if they are actively involved. Generation Z wants to be involved in shaping things and is not prepared to dully carry out instructions. Take this into account and design a workplace that takes all generations into account and responds individually to the needs of each generation.

Build the future today

Build on all your employees as the irreplaceable key to a successful future. Make sure your employees fully understand the purpose of your company and realize what you are doing – for their own lives, but also for the environment. Because this is the decisive factor. Today’s generation wants to identify with their work and clearly see the positive impact it has on the world. Nothing will motivate your employees and bind them to your company more strongly than these insights. Get with the times and lay the foundation for your successful business transformation.


Conclusion for your successful company transformation

Your company transformation will succeed even in the challenging current context if you focus on your employees, respect their needs and involve them more than ever. Draw on the knowledge of the entire workforce and remain open to new ways of thinking and seeing. This will pave the way for your business transformation and keep you agile for the future.

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Where do you see the biggest challenges in terms of business transformation in the current context?