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Why the courage to change is so important?

The courage to change affects everyone, both professionally and personally. We need to be courageous and open to experience new things. This begins in childhood and continues throughout life. And especially at work, the courage to change is of great importance. If you think about the end of your school years, you already had to face a big change there. At such a young age, you were already faced with the agony of choice. Which profession or which study should it be? Which job could fulfill you for the next 5, 10, 20 years? Courage to change was needed. The change from school to professional and thus adult life.

So the courage to change runs through our entire lives. We are constantly evolving. Everything is in flux. Standing still only works – if at all – for a short time. Our life is about experiencing new things. To risk something, to test new limits or even to reinvent ourselves heartily. The courage to change and ‘to undertake’ is already embedded in the word “enterprise”. Doing something, moving something, changing something, trying something out … Innovation is the fuel of the future.
Do you know the most dangerous saying of all times? It’s called “We’ve always done it this way.” Those who live and act like this are closing themselves off from the future. At best, he celebrates the past. That’s why the courage to change is so important. Because it determines whether a company has a future or whether it will disappear from the market over time.


What does it take to have the courage to change?

It’s not enough to think that you just have to move forward openly and courageously. The courage to change also includes setbacks and mistakes. Every innovation also brings failures. When you make adjustments in your company, you can’t avoid facing the mistakes as well. Now you may be saying, “If I don’t try anything new, I won’t make any mistakes.” That’s a big fallacy. Because, if you don’t try anything new, you will stay put. And we all know that this is often the beginning of the end for a company – regardless of its size or industry. Despondently not trying anything, not changing anything and not following through does not suit a company. It also prevents personal development.
Be courageous. Dare to take the step to change. Courage starts in the head. Work on your mindset and visualize your company of the future. The first step is known to be the most difficult. Once you are on your way, it will get easier step by step. Move forward mindfully and pay attention to all the positive changes and small or larger interim goals you achieve along the way.


How to encourage and motivate your employees

courage to change

However, if you are leading a team, they must also pull together for the business transformation to be successful. Your employees must be convinced of the vision. They must clearly see where you want to take your company and what will change for the better as a result.

For your employees to be motivated to tackle the business transformation, they need to be involved. It is not enough to inform them about it with a few sentences. Involve your employees. Let them become a part of it. Encourage your employees to actively contribute ideas and participate. Nothing motivates more than the feeling of being part of something big and looking proudly at the implementation of your own ideas.

However, also model a constructive error culture. Mistakes happen and should be used for further development. By showing your team that mistakes are accepted or even desired, this will contribute to more openness and courage. Ultimately, corporate transformation takes courage. And courage includes worries and fears. Pay close attention to your employees during the transformation. Listen carefully and take concerns seriously. Only those who feel that they are being heard and taken seriously can gain trust and thus agree to the transformation.


The future of your company, if you have the courage to change

I would like to invite you on a short imaginary journey. Imagine for a moment that it is summer 2024. You are looking back on an eventful and exciting year. Because in the summer of 2023, you gathered all your courage and made the decision to transform your company. The first step was not easy for you. But when you look back on the year today, this decision fills you with great joy. Because it was the best decision you could have made for your company. Your company has blossomed anew as a result, you are even more successful than before and go to work every day with a lot of verve and motivation. Your team has also grown even closer together as a result of the transformation.

In the past year, there were certainly one or two discussions and also a few wrong decisions. However, these were precisely the moments that brought them all together. Your team is more motivated than ever and is looking forward to all the new tasks and opportunities that have arisen as a result of the business transformation. When you look back like this, one thing becomes clear: You are grateful and glad that you stuck with it. Because you are now aware that your company is fit for the future and that it will continue to exist in the market for many years to come. You are looking forward to the years ahead and you have the certainty: I have done everything to secure the future of my company. In addition, we all have more joy and motivation for our daily work again.

How does this idea feel to you? Is this your goal? Then read on now.


Your partner for your transformation

One point for a successful business transformation is the courage to do it. The other is the execution. As a long-time mentor and partner for business transformations, I know all the stumbling blocks you can encounter on the way to success. Of course, you can painstakingly clear these out of the way yourself and try to bring the business transformation successfully across the stage. Or you can get support for this. I would be happy to accompany you on this path and ensure that you do not have to take any unnecessary detours. Together we will lead your business transformation to success. Please feel free to contact me.